Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash Hello, everyone. Today, we are going to do some crazy stuff. This article is just for fun. The only intention is to show you this can possible in elixir. The univ

JavaScript indexOf()的巧妙技巧

Here's a little trick I picked up while browsing through some plugins I had to edit or extend again var arr = [ 1, 2, 3, 'foo' ]; // old way if (arr.indexOf('foo') >


字符函数 A:upper(转大写) selectUpper('abcde')from dual;    


程序包由PL/SQL程序元素(如变量、类型)和匿名PL/SQL块(如游标)、命名PL/SQL块(如存储过程和函数)组成。程序包可以被整体加载到内存中,这样就可以大大加快程序包中任何一个组成部分的访问速度。 1、程序包的规范 该“规范”用于规定在程序包中可以使用哪些变量、类型、游标和子程序(指各种命名的PL/SQL块),需要注意的是:程序包


Originally posted here. A couple words about me and the project. I’m a software developer from Ukraine, mainly working with JavaScript based projects, but open to any other technology. For the la


转自:http://blog.csdn.net/love__coder/article/details/8678219 如果不指定配置文件,redis也可以启动,此时,redis使用默认的内置配置。不过在正式环境,常常通过配置文件【通常叫redis.conf】来配置redis。 redis.conf配置格式如下: keyword a


Hi all, from time to time you might need to assign properties or similar to variables and in some cases some don't exist. In PHP and most other languages it's pretty straightforward to c


2017/6/17 需要注意2端host表  linux下最好删除域名或换位置  默认识别前面的 运行oracle备份策略时报错:日志存储策略未分配给子客户端  请指定并再试一次处理:在子客户端属性中设置路径


As I mentioned in one of my previous article about Android Security, the first part of any security assessment is to gather information about the application. Of

Tokyo Tyrant性能优化策略

Tokyo Tyrant性能优化策略   1.如果使用hash数据库我们可以指定#bnum=xxx来提高性能。xxx大于或等于我们的记录总数。   2.如果使用B+ tree数据库我们可以通过指定"#lcnum=xxx#bnum=yyy" 来提高性能。 第一个参数指定被缓存的最大叶子节点数,受内存容量限制, 第二个


(This article was originally published on my blog here ). The recent explosion of cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology has taken the world by storm. As much as blockchain is a

13、oracle 锁

                      13、管理数据并发――锁 1、锁机制 高级数据并发处理 执行插入、更新和删除时使用行级锁定 查询不需要任何锁 自动队列管理 在事务处理(commit或rollback)结束之前一直


Last weekend, I stared mentoring people on exercism.io on the Python track. I wasn't sure what to expect, but over the last week I have mentored about 50 people, helping them get their solutio


                               14、管理 oracle undo 1、DML与undo undo data: 原始的、修改之前的数据副本 用于支持


At the Write/Speak/Code 2018 conference an attendee asked me how I first became a Software Development Manager. I explained that as an SDE, I gravitated towards managerial activities like being the

Tokyo Tyrant性能优化--针对磁盘IO占用高

Tokyo Tyrant性能优化--针对磁盘IO占用高 转载自:http://yfyfj.blog.163.com/blog/static/154247842013264398931/?suggestedreading   简介   ttserver有两个参数#bnum和#xmsiz,其中,bnum设置桶数